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COMMERCIAL INSULATING GLASS COMPANY ‘S two, three and four pane insulating units are our most versatile, products, providing superior clarity and increase energy efficiency.   Units can be customized with single or dual seal as well as warm edge spacer and other non-metallic in a variety of ways to achieve performance specification for any environmental situation.  

Gas-filled and Low-Emissivity units are also available to achieve optimum performance.   CIG’s new generation of custom insulating glass products is subject to rigorous testing at our manufacturing facility to ensure safety and efficiency.

CIG’s exclusive HeatClear® heated insulating glass unit is a superior product especially designed for the refrigeration industry.  Our state of the art Clear-E units utilizes CIG’s unique, patented Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) coating process.  Through the use of this method the molecular structure of the glass surface is actually changed resulting in exceptional thermal performance, improved clarity and increased energy savings.  Condensation is virtually eliminated as the electroconductive glass provides warmth to the glass surface.  And CIG’s patented HeatClear® heated units can be customized for any environment, are UL Underwriters Laboratory component program and offer a versatile solution for the most demanding applications where condensation is a problem.  CIG’s technical services department can provide computer performance e.g. U-value, solar heat gain coefficients, shading analysis methods and other technical data consistent with the rating procedure to develop new products and to rate and compare characteristics of all types of window, display doors, and insulation glass products.  3.jpg (23006 bytes)

CIG’s offers a variety of spacer options including the only true Warm Edge spacer.  This composite silicone foam spacer reduces perimeter condensation and heat loss common to conventional metal spacers.  U-value is improved up to 30% having the potential of doubling Low-E and gas filled U-values.

Tinted and reflective glass products are available from CIG in a variety of colors, including gray, bronze, green, and blue.  Selecting the right tint or reflective glass characteristics will greatly improve aesthetic and thermo performance of any product.  And, CIG can match the colors of most glass manufacturers.  In addition, we have a full line of Low-E glass products available to meet any specification, including our own patented Clear-E has superior product visibility and light transmittance.

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Our manufacturing facility provides a wide variety of cutting and edging options.   CIG's expert technicians can grind, seam or polish most thickness of glass to meet your specifications.  CIG has the capability to cut flat glass, laminated glass and mirrored glass to virtually any size and shape desired, making CIG the premiere source for all of your custom and standard glass options applications.

Our state-of-the-art tempering system is designed to meet the growing demand for thin glass and coated glass.  Our precision custom tempering process will accommodate various glass thickness from 1/8" to 3/4" and from as small as 6" to 160" in size.  Our Horizontal System eliminates the overheating typical in other systems and procedures excellent optical quality plus flat tolerances.
Tempered glass is as much as five times stronger than annealed glass.  Whenever human impact is possible, federal, state and local laws and building codes may require safety glazing, such as CIG tempered glass.  Never before has such high performance been obtained with the glass and coated glass.  We guarantee the aesthetic quality and technical performance you require with CIG tempered glass.

2.jpg (25240 bytes)COMMERCIAL INSULATING GLASS COMPANY was founded at a time when the pace of change in insulating glass unit technology was rapidly accelerating.  CIG's goal is to harness this change, master existing new technologies and remain on the leading edge so that we can best fulfill the present and future needs of the markets we serve.  CIG is uniquely equipped to meet this founding goal by tapping into our 90 years of combined experience in the glass industry.
COMMERCIAL INSULATING GLASS COMPANY specializes in insulating glass unit applications as they apply to the refrigeration industry, specifically glass display doors and refrigerated display cases.  For customized commercial and residential architectural glass applications, we have a wide range of specialized knowledge and equipment and welcome the opportunity to get involved in the design and specification of these projects as well.
The utilization of a patented glass coating application, construction of the latest generation of heated glass units and development of the most efficient insulating glass unit used in the business are examples of CIG's mastery of glass technology.  And, because customer satisfaction is one of our top priorities, we stand behind all of our products by offering the best warranty in the industry.  CIG is deeply committed to continual research and testing of experimental processes that are sure to become tomorrow's products.


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