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High Performance Insulating Glass Units
and Custom Tempered Glass Manufacturer

For Refrigeration Display Appliance  Food Service
Architectural OEM Transportation 

4.jpg (28955 bytes)Our product line, specifications and technical performance information is designed particularly for the refrigeration display, commercial and residential architectural markets, appliance, marine, transportation and OEM industries. All products are custom manufactured to the customers specifications. There are variable glass thicknesses, electrical voltages, spacer type and spacer thickness, and argon gas filled units.

  • Our Clear-E glass, designed from a new patented technology, offers precision visibility, superior clarity and 15% improved light transmittance.
  • Superior energy savings are a result of improved U-values and the latest technology. We guarantee it!
  • Exceptional product quality, durability and life cycle.
  • Warranty - Twice as long as the industry standard.
  • Underwriter laboratory component recognition.
  • Engineering staff to assist with specifications.
  • Customer service accessibility makes the supplier relationship a real pleasure.
  • Products can be manufactured to custom specifications in order to ensure improved U-values, R-values and eliminate condensation.
Insulating Glass Units 
HeatClear Heated Unit
Clear-E Insulating Glass Units
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